• Speed Sensor

    Speed Sensor

    Be used for gear rotation on speed measurement Combining the advantages of stable signal, wide range of operating temperature, small size, simple assembly, etc It covers a wide range of measurement, and it is able to measure the zero rotation on speed Appearance: Nickel plated Frequence range: 100-15000 Operating voltage: 8~32V with polarity protection Operating current: < 50 mA Operating temperature: -40~150°C Output signal: Sine wave Signal duty factor: 47±5% Inductance distance:0.5~...
  • Fuel Tank
  • cooling loop-50

    cooling loop-50

    Specification: Model Dia. Of Outlet & Inlet Pressure Features     LOOP-50     50mm     16Bar Diaphragm valve Pressure reduction valves with Pressure gauges 4-Strainers 4-Lock valves Free standing
  • cooling loop

    cooling loop

    Main technical data: Model Dia. Of Outlet & Inlet Max. Pressure Features   LOOP-20   20mm   10-16Bar   Diaphragm valve 2. Pressure reduction  valves with Pressure gauges 4-Strainers 4-Lock valves Free standing   LOOP-40   38mm   10-16Bar