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We offer Customers with different kinds of engine controllers,the controller with below features and paranmeters:


1. Multiple protection features

2. Power generation frequency conversion speed

3. Built-in multiple sensor curves are optional

4. The sensor parameter curve can be customized

5. Highlight digital tube display measurements

6. English and symbolic instructions

7. Panel button setting and modifying system parameters


1. Engine speed;

2. Engine oil pressure

3. Engine oil temperature;

4. Engine cooling water temperature;

5. Battery voltage;

6. Cumulative working hours.


1. Engine overspeed protection;
2. Low oil pressure protection;
3. High oil temperature protection;
4. High water temperature protection;
5. Low battery voltage alert.

Range and accuracy

1. Speed measurement accuracy: error of 1 (within range);

2. Oil pressure measurement accuracy: 0-1100KPA, error of 2.5;

3. Water temperature measurement accuracy: 10-120 degrees Celsius, error of 2.5;

4. Oil temperature measurement accuracy: 10-150 degrees Celsius, error of 2.5;

5. Battery voltage measurement accuracy: error of 1 (within range);

6. Cumulative time range: 0-9999 hours;

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